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Propionate is a popular steroid that shows solid results with few side effects. It is effective because it acts like the body’s natural testosterone, which is responsible for growing muscles in men and women. Testosterone Propionate works because it is androgenic with an anabolic effect. It allows the muscles to retain more protein, thus giving them more bulk. A diet high in protein and a strong workout program are absolutely necessary for gains to occur when using propionate.

Testosterone Propionate also helps the body heal by increasing red blood cells in the body and reducing lactic acids in the muscles, the cause of the “burn” experienced when lifting weights.

Testosterone Propionate is safest when used at doses less than 4 ml/week. Using this steroid is only good for 1 to 2 weeks, which makes frequent injections the best way to go when using the drug. Athletes, or people who workout heavily, inject propionate twice a week. Two injections of 2 ml is a good dose for bodybuilders and half that amount is the minimum amount to see any effective gains.

Testosterone Propionate has very few side effects when taken at doses of 4 ml/week or less. However, prolonged use or taking propionate at high doses can cause high blood pressure, gynocomastia and high cholesterol.

Testosterone Propionate is available in 1 ml ampules. Ampules cost around $15 to $20 each and are available on the black market. Be sure to check the ampule for a red brand in the glass that cannot be scratched off to avoid buying fake product.

Testosterone Propionate has been researched for a variety of uses, from treating muscle wasting to its effects Klinefelter syndrome. Other research has included its effect on urinary tract infection in patients with hypogonadism and its use in transsexual patients.


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